Living in Fitzroy amongst other things.

I'm housesitting in Fitzroy for just over a month. It's so interesting to live in someone else's house, be amongst someone else's things and stuff. The location is amazing (just near Smith and Gertrude - come visit!) and I like living alone. It's a novelty after living with my family for so long. Also, it's an apartment and it's nestled up against other apartments. I've never really lived so close to other people before.

I've made an October resolution, which is like a New Year's resolution, only made in October. It's to take more photos. So here are some photos of Fitzroy.

Last night I went to the launch of The Reader which is an anthology published by the Emerging Writers' Festival. Estelle gives a good run down on the contents here. The launch was fun and filled with interesting people, and the book is filled with stuff an 'emerging' writer should read. Although Aden Rolfe read some of his piece from the book about what 'emerging' really is. Am I emerging? I don't feel like it, I've only ever had one piece published, maybe one day soon I'll start emerging. Maybe.

Tomorrow is another of the Creative Writing Workshops at the City Library. They are still really fun and you should still come. Especially if you haven't before, if you feel stuck or stale or if your writing needs a boost. Come and play.

And afterwards come to the launch of Neon Pilgrim by the awesome (she really does inspire awe in me) Lisa Dempster. Her book is about the pilgrimage she made through Japan, it's honest and so funny. It's the kind of book that makes me laugh out loud and want to turn to strangers on the tram and read them bits to make them laugh too. The launch is tomorrow at Readings. See you there?

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  1. Welcome to Fitzroy! I work in Fitzroy, on Kerr St - we should catch up for a coffee on Brunnie St.

    How amazing is Lisa's book! I love the idea of the imperfect circle. Shame I couldn't make it to either of those launches ...

    I hope you enjoy living nearby people ...

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