17 blog posts in 1.

What a crazy couple of weeks. I feel like I should be writing about 17 blog posts, but instead I'm smooshing it all into one.

Went to Newcastle for This is Not Art. The festival is an umbrella festival for 5 smaller festivals, the main one I got excited about was the National Young Writers' Festival. It was intense and exciting, at times really overwhelming and it rained a lot of the time. Thank goodness for my new umbrella. I think the festival is really important for young writers' to feel a sense of community and to learn and be excited about the possibilities. That said, I've attended the festival three times now and still find it overwhelming and sometimes a bit cliquey. I think you have to go with determination to get involved in things and start conversations with the person next to you and go to launches and parties and that's how you have a really exciting NYWF.

Anyway, today on Textual Fantasies we are talking about online writing and blogging and all such stuff. It's stuff I don't really know a lot about, so tune in and listen to me learning stuff! That's today on your radio, SYN 90.7fm.

About a month ago I applied for a post on the Editorial Committee of Voiceworks magazine and I found out last week that I got it! I had my first editorial meeting on Tuesday and felt equal parts terrified and thrilled. I've never edited anything, though I have selected work for an anthology before. I've loved Voiceworks ever since I first heard of it back at uni, and for those of you who don't know (but should), it's a magazine for writers and artists who are under 25 years of age. It makes me love being 22. I went to the launch of the new issue Fluid on Thursday night and felt more and more excited. Especially because I won the raffle!

Something to be addicted to for a while is here at 12Words. And you could win a writing mentorship!

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  1. Lady, you should spruik Voiceworks more. I didn't find out about Voiceworks until I was 24 (and getting too old to get involved). :(

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