Textual Fantasies!

I received a call last night from Dom, the radio manager at SYN telling me that Textual Fantasies will be! That means we'll be on air, Saturdays 1pm-2pm, every week until around the end of the year. How exciting!

If you have any suggestions for themes, content or guests let me know.

Ignorant Children and Billowy Beds

Dearest sticksandstones, since naming you how I have neglected you!

There is one last Textual Fantasies show left! Which makes me very sad. Radio has been so invigorating and inspiring to do. Hopefully we'll be back on air in some form soon. We've talked to amazing people, just last week the kids from stop drop and roll and Harvest magazines. They are such down to earth people and they make me think that I can get somewhere with this writing stuff. Maybe. With lots of hard work.

I've been attending a Short Fiction course at the CAE for three weeks now. And so we have two weeks left. It's run by poet and author Claire Gaskin. Before the first class I was so nervous. In my head I'm really good at tackling new experiences and place and people but then my body reminds me that I do get scared. I workshopped in the second class and felt good but again, didn't realise how nervous I was until afterwards when I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw that my neck and chest had gone flaming red. But I got good comments and feedback, and more importantly I wrote something! Something that resembles a whole story and I quite like it so far. With a little more work it could be ready for submission.

Today I haven't felt like writing much, so instead I've been playing with words. There's an exercise I wanted to try for a while, which is really simple, just putting random nouns with random adjectives. Here's what I got:

Billowy Silence
Dusty Children
Eager Fighting
Ignorant Legs
Lopsided Bed
Obscene Failure
Tacky Honesty
Whispering Thrills

Some of which I quite like. Ignorant legs in particular. Changing them around I can make:

Ignorant Bed
Lopsided Children
Tacky Silence
Billowy Legs
Eager Honesty
Obscene Fighting
Whispering Failure
Dusty Thrills

Out of these I like Lopsided children and dusty thrills. Thrills that have been shut up in a cupboard for years.

There is a Writing Workshop this Wednesday at the City Library, 6pm - 7.30pm. Free and fun and informal and you should come.