sticks and stones will break my bones

Not to name drop or anything, but last week while I was lunching with Cardigan Comics' Bernard Caleo and Express Media's George Dunford, I was asked what my blog's name was. And I floundered around a bit and finally said it didn't have one. Not really. And I went home, full of avocado and hot chocolate, and thought about what I wanted this blog for and why and what I should name it.

I came up with sticksandstones for lots of reasons. I like the alliteration and the way it sounds in my mouth. I like the image it brings to my mind when I look at the words. I like the association with the rhyme sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me because I've been thinking a lot about being tough and strong in a writerly world. Being ready and willing to be rejected and trying again. And mostly tough against my own inner critic. 

In other news, Textual Fantasies is powering along, this week we talk to Tom Cho and Callum Scott. It's hard when work is so busy and sometimes all-consuming to keep my head in the literary world and I'm so thankful and excited to have this blog and the radio show to help me.

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