Snippets from my journals:

We sit at the restaurant, our elbows touching, our plates pushed up against each other, wine glasses find precarious positions between them, and we wait for pauses in the conversation to talk. 

There’s a small scab on my arm and I want to pick it. I picked it once already and made it bleed but I’m itching to do it again

This is my rough copy. I’ll write it in greylead. But you might be able to see mistakes that I make. Rubbers never really rub everything out properly no matter how hard you rub.  

Snippets from my life:

Estelle and I had our first  Textual Fantasies show last week, and it went swimmingly. Amazing generous lovely guests, scriptwriters Lally Katz and Dan Giovannoni. Look them up. Tomorrow we have Ryan Paine and Jess Crouch to talk about editing. Radio is so fun. Listen in and text us to let us know if you do. 

I'm trying to work things up to submit, but the process is so scary and I end up reading and hating everything I write. How do you get past this? Mostly I just end up submitting and never thinking about the piece again until I hear. 

I want to start posting photos on this blog. Maybe I'll need to invest in a camera.

Bali and Radio!

I got off a plane this morning at 8 o'clock. When I left Denpasar Airport in Bali last night it was around 34 degrees. This morning stepping into Melbourne, it was 3 degrees. But the sunrise was amazing. Bright rich orange lining the horizon, all stemming from the red rising sun in the middle. So that's the reason for the lack of blogs this last week or so, I've been sunning myself in Bali. Now I'm back and full of things to say!

First, impressions of Bali. It's so hot there. If Bali was a novel, the heat would be a character. Omnipresent, you wake and step out of the airconditioning to the heat. Sometimes the air cools, a breeze goes through and you feel like it's just that bit easier to breathe. But often the breeze goes, especially at night when you expect it to get cooler, it gets hotter because the wind has died.

Buildings in Bali are either tiny and crushed up against each other or oversized and enourmous standing next to open rice paddies. Kuta (the most touristy region and the site of the Bali Bombs) is crowded and full of people, hotels, hostels, dresses, souvenirs, t-shirts, stubby-holders, menus, signs, motorbikes, taxis, men, women. Everything pushes up against you, the heat, the people, the crush of words and signs and shops. I didn't like Kuta that much.

Driving to Ubud, further inland, away from the hyper-tourist scene of Kuta, it felt more like the Bali I wanted to explore. There were still plenty of tourist spots to visit, including the Monkey Forest (so cool!) but there was so much more space. Just driving felt so good, being able to watch Bali go by.

I had lots of ideas for stories while I was in Bali - we'll see what happens.

In other really exciting news, Estelle and I have been successful in our application to have a radio show on SYN! We'll be on your airways Saturdays from 1pm til 2pm, talking about all things bookish and literary. First show is on Saturday the 18th. Please let me know what you would like to hear about, who you would like to hear about - any and all suggestions will be entertained!